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High school Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Secondary school - Research Paper Example There are different stages in a person’s improvement and development which are more vital than others. For a few, secondary school life is the most charming because of the new connections and encounters that happen at the fortunate time. As teenagers investigate the world and create solid bonds with companions and educators, it is perceived that level and profundity of connections vary as indicated by formal or casual structures (Chapter 4: School and Classroom Environment). As to understudy educator connections, a few understudies have formal associations with instructors, and some of them have casual associations with educators. Formal connections among understudies and educators exist when correspondence examples and lines of power are unmistakably settled and implemented. As characterized, formal structures watch â€Å"sets of decides and guidelines that characterize the connections among individuals and undertakings, and decide the dispersion of power† (Capra 104). In formal connections, there are obvious limits and correspondence is made on an expert way. The way of talking, words picked, subjects of discussion are officially organized and center primarily around scholarly execution and progress of the understudy. In like manner, even the manner in which educators dress or be tended to by title influences the manner in which understudies obviously see connections as carefully formal (Sebastian and Bristow).

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Communication And Ethical Issues Essay

Correspondence And Ethical Issues Essay Correspondence And Ethical Issues Essay Correspondence and Ethical Issues The assortment of an individual’s explicit natural diagram, deoxyribonucleic corrosive (DNA), without assent isn't an interruption of security or illicit whenever gathered from hair, skin pieces, semen or spit whenever left in an open region or area, as there is no conviction of protection (Thompson, 2007). Numerous examiners liken disposed of DNA with deny, which the courts have permitted as proof for some examinations. This has been useful for some virus case specialists, as access to this DNA permits officials to assess proof from old cases. While this DNA may approve the personality of a charged individual, it might likewise free the name from a blameless individual. The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is a national databank that houses profiles of DNA gathered from state and governments. The government and each state right now require those indicted for specific classifications of wrongdoing to submit tests of DNA (Hibbert, 2014). The information is stored in CODIS, and permits each taking an interest element to access and contrast wrongdoing scene proof with a database of DNA profiles acquired from guilty parties who have been indicted for lawful offenses, especially for sex wrongdoing examinations. The Department of Justice (2014) portrays the advantages of such a proof databank. Section of natural proof into CODIS improves the capacity of examiners to pull existing profiles and match the information to present or existing cases, and help recognize the guilty party. On the off chance that current DNA profiles are coordinated to guilty parties, it is conceivable to keep others in the network from being wrongdoing casualties of intermittent, fierce guilty parties. There is accounted for fluctuation in the maintenance of DNA, however numerous states expel tests from absolved suspects or for those with a switched conviction. Rhodes (2011) takes note of that starting at 2011, 33 states require maintenance of DNA proof as long an individual sentenced for a genuine violations is detained (para 2). As a rule, a court request is required for annihilation of such proof. Hibbert

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How to Write a Comparison and Contrast Essay

How to Write a Comparison and Contrast EssayThis is a simple guide to help you learn how to write a comparison and contrast essay. You will have to write an essay on almost any topic that has two sides to it.The only difference is the theme of each essay is the same. It is not as important as how much content you include but how you organize it that makes the difference. An example of a topic you might be working on is a definition of a keyword.Well, it is not too hard to do but it does require you to put some time into an easy part of the process. Writing these essays is like doing an interview and the interviewer will ask you questions about the answer you give.Writing this type of essay is easy but not that great. These essays are not so much a challenge because in most cases you can remember what you were going to say if you already have an idea of what you were going to say. In other words, you can always find some ideas when you write. Make sure you make yourself recall the par ts of the essay where you were going to say certain things.Your preparation can be done before you start writing the essay or even better if you are preparing it ahead of time. It is important to determine who the audience is and be prepared on what to say to each group.You might be wondering why I didn't go into my own particular situation when describing my essay. Well, it is because I did not get to write one until now.This is a very common error to make when doing a comparison and contrast essay. After all, why would you want to look up the same thing twice? You will need to have the exact words ready to be used but in the meantime, you can always make use of an online dictionary.Knowledge is a long way from being able to memorize. To make sure you know everything there is to know about an article, be prepared. You will have to put your time into writing this type of essay, so be prepared.

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The Falling Girl Essay - 1333 Words

Introduction Introductory Statement (Hook Harness): Insecurity influences one’s mental state substantially and impacts their ability to make reasonable decisions and may change the outlook on life. Through Marta and Earl relationship with Doreen depicts they must uphold a social standards. Thesis: Thorough examination of the characters perspective, themes of insecurity, and the authors implicated message from text to reality reveals that Theyre not my husband by Raymond Carver is bleak and weak in comparison to Dino Buzzatis â€Å"The Falling Girl† when discussing the adversity of women to uphold appearances in society. Body Paragraph #1 Argument #1 (Both Texts): Character perspective Class division - In the story â€Å"The†¦show more content†¦Supporting Evidence for Text #1: When Carver mentioned â€Å"Marta no longer saw just groups of carefree people inside the apartments; at times there were even some businesses where the employees, in black or blue aprons, were sitting at desks in long rows† (Buzzati 2). During her fall, she observed the shift between the wealthy and those who are impoverished. The building as a whole depicted class division where the rich were dominant known at the top of the hierarchy and others working hard placed at the bottom. Supporting Evidence for Text #2 In â€Å"They’re not your husband†, Earl told his wife â€Å"I think you’d better consider going on a diet. I mean it. I’m serious you could stand to lose a few pounds† (Carver 2). This example clearly showed the comments from the businessmen impacted Earl in wanting his wife Doreen to look a certain way and fit in with society. Body Paragraph #2 Argument #2 (Both Texts): Theme of Insecurity Others perspectives - In the beginning, others thought she was beautiful and while she descends her beauty faded away as she fell. In contrast to Doreen, the view from the businessmen caused Earl to see a bleak of light in a tunnel which was the turning point in choosing to lose weight. The perspectives of other impacted these characters to dynamically change physically and mentally. Paranoia - Not to mention, the perspectives caused them to become paranoid. While MartaShow MoreRelatedLife of Anita Brookner and Analysis of Her Book Falling Slowly1035 Words   |  4 PagesLondon (Literature Essays). Brookner has remarked that being Jewish had an impact in her life, in that she always felt like an outsider to Londoners, even though she was herself a Londoner, that being Jewish created some invisible, but visible line between herself and her peers (Book Rags). It is because of this reclusiveness and separateness that Brookner has stated that I write out of a sense of powerlessness and injustice, because I felt invisible and passive (Literature Essays). During BrooknersRead MoreNot Much Change With Kid Movies1234 Words   |  5 Pagesbothers me very much how female protagonists are portrayed in animated films, because that is what younger little girls look up to. If one portrays life to be like a Cinderella fairytale, little girls will start to look for their own fairytale and find to be disappointed with the real world. Therefore, both Pixar and Disney need to improve on the feminine view. In Stefan Babich essay, â€Å"The Fall of the Female Protagonist in kids’ Movies† discusses how Pixar released their first film with a femaleRead MoreThe Plight Of Young Males895 Words   |  4 PagesAs discussed in a recent essay by Saul Kaplan â€Å"The Plight of Young Males†, there is a serious academic gender achievement gap in the United States and as I will discuss, around the world. Young women are doing significantly better than young men, and the results are shocking. In the latest census, males make up 51 percent of the total U.S. population between the ages of 18-24. Yet only 40 percent of today’s college students are men. Since 1982, more American women than men have received bachelor’sRead MoreAnalysis Of Like Mexicans By Gary Soto946 Words   |  4 Pagesdescent. Soto’s best friend Scott highly disagreed with Soto’s decision in being with Carolyn. He felt Carolyn was too good for Soto, and therefore this false assum ption brought Soto down and distorted his thoughts on race and economic status. The essay by Gary Soto was well-written because it can be highly relatable to one’s life, especially to someone who is of Hispanic descent. Soto’s writings in â€Å"Like Mexicans† manages to focus on a direct audience throughout the passage. The author intends toRead MoreAnalysis Of The Gender Gap At School By David Brooks1304 Words   |  6 Pagesby gender, in order to provide more resources to both girls and boys. One person in favor of this public education reform is David Brooks, a neuroscientist who published the article titled â€Å"The Gender Gap at School.† A thorough analysis of the effects of literature on men and women, biological factors and surrounding issues, and the level of understanding of both men and women can be used to determine the multiple fallacies in David Brooks’ essay. An understanding concerning popular literature amongstRead MoreRomeo and Juliet, of Shakespeares Play, Were Not Immature in Their Love970 Words   |  4 Pagescriticized Romeo for falling in love too quickly. However, it is reasonable as they were teenagers. Perhaps Romeo and Juliet were falling in l ove too quickly, it does not mean that it was just a puppy love and they did not know what love really is (Romeo and Juliet, 2014). Even if they were teenagers and they were probably did not have any experiences, they still have another chance to love somebody. People should not criticize that their love was immature. Nowadays, falling in love with a personRead MoreWhat Are The Literary Elements Used In Alices Adventures In Wonderland1110 Words   |  5 PagesAlices Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a book that many children have grown up reading. The story is about a young girl who goes on an adventure in a wondrous place known as Wonderland full of creatures and animals that talk, as well as humans that look and act different than what Alice expects. Alice, who is the protagonist, enters Wonderland by falling down a rabbit hole, she follows White Rabbit who takes her on an adventure though Wonderland. There are many different charactersRead MoreThe Effects of Popular Culture: A Look at Three Examples Essay1008 Words   |  5 Pagescorporations made them popular, the average American thinks nothing of it. Even though a lot of American popular culture isn’t the best choice in our lives, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Nora Ephron, and Eric Schlosser use this theme of popular culture in the ir essays. In Cofer’s â€Å"The Story of My Body†, the author talks about her experience growing up in a world where her culture and looks does not fit into America’s popular cultured society. For instance, Cofer is Puerto Rican; her skin color was different fromRead MoreRelationship Between A Mother Daughter Relationships And The Genre Of Family Photographs, By Marianne Hirsch And Sharon M Essay1355 Words   |  6 PagesMother-Daughter Relationships in Gilmore Girls Almost every woman in North America has some form of a relationship with their daughter and/or mother in their lifetime. However, these relation can vary in amiability and affection. Whether due to similarities or differences in personality or circumstances in life, mothers and daughters can be close confidants or fierce foes. These familial relationships have been studied in part by Marianne Hirsch and Sharon M. Varallo in their essays on â€Å"the familial gaze† andRead MoreCensorship in Nora Ephron’s The Boston Photographs Essay903 Words   |  4 PagesThe Necessity of Truth: Censorship in Nora Ephron’s â€Å"The Boston Photographs† Originally published in 1975, Nora Ephron’s essay â€Å"The Boston Photographs† is both still relevant and controversial almost forty years later. It deals with the series of three photographs that were published in newspapers across the country. The most important one shows a mother and child falling off a collapsed fire escape. Both have their limbs outstretched. If both had survived, maybe the reaction would have been different

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Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare - 1536 Words

In the play Macbeth, the secondary characters such as Lady Macbeth, the witches, and Macduff influence the theme and plot. One of the most influential female characters in the tragedy is Lady Macbeth; she has a significant impact on Macbeth s life. Throughout Shakespeare’s time’s, women were not treated with respect; they were regarded as their husbands slaves. However, this is not the case in Macbeth’s marriage. One could say that Lady Macbeth and Macbeth display reverse roles in marriage. During the performance, Lady Macbeth displays bravery, control and support. At the beginning of the piece, she obtains a letter explaining in detail the witch s†¦show more content†¦When King Duncan arrives, the married couple act as perfect hosts. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth deceive the other characters; they put on a false smile for their guest to help achieve the perception of their innocence. Lady Macbeth takes her role very seriously; she faints immediately after Duncan s death. Once the pair slaughter Duncan, they start experiencing guilt. However, they cannot express to anyone their f eelings concerning the obscurities that occurred that night. This causes them to lock up their secrets between them. Fair is foul, and foul is fair (1.1.11) this is a case of authenticity versus dishonesty; even though you may think you know someone, in reality you do not. In most circumstances, people act differently around others. Generally, there can be a difference between ones perceived image and their true self. The difference is between how someone seems, and who they are. In most plays, we can notice how characters open up to some characters, yet have a tendency to mask who they truly are with others. Even though Lady Macbeth controls her husband, she loses this control at the banquet. Macbeth’s downfall begins with his vision of Banquo’s ghost. Macbeth’s wife attempts to handle the situation, but Macbeth s guilt overrules, causing her to expose her feeble side. Eventually, Lady Macbeth starts to lose control over her emotions; Macbeth’s actions h ave become overwhelming for Lady Macbeth. Her mind begins to go into a

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The s Cultural And Sociological Values - 1106 Words

Ecstacy.MDA. Nutmeg. A ubiquitous spice that can be found in kitchens worldwide, nutmeg has been harnessed in cooking, rituals, and a multitude of different ways across multiple cultures for millennia (Baxamusa, 2011). Its most common use in near day-to-day cooking is something that is not given a lot of thought to, but with Drug culture becoming increasingly prevalent in younger demographics, nutmeg has become a cheap and easily sourced alternative (Shafer, 2010). Through analysis of its chemical components, its structures and properties, in comparison to other illicit drugs such as MDMA (Ecstasy) and MDA (3, 4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine), credence can be given to the relationship between its popularity rise in youth culture, and its†¦show more content†¦Exotic and Aromatic, nutmeg became monopolized by the Dutch in the early 1600’s after the massacring the islands native population (AUBREY, 2012). Here the first plantations of the spice were established and all othe r sources which could pose a threat to the economic assets of the Dutch were eradicated. Prior to this, it had been considered a rare commodity predominantly throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where its earliest uses were traced back for Indian medicinal purposes around 700 B.C.E (Nagano, 2009). Nutmeg was sought by the rich, for its potency to induce hallucination ‒ which can now be related to the prevailing substances that are found in its oils. These oils are what give basis to nutmegs association with madness. The links between nutmeg and madness, or rather the symptoms of being in an altered physical and mental state, correlates to the molecular composition of nutmeg’s oils. Specifically, nutmeg consists of numerous psychoactive compounds that have been found in its fixed oils (24 – 40%), known also as the butter as well as in the volatile oils (5-15%) of the total sample (Nagano, 2009). The most influential and common compounds as the cause for these effects being: Myristicin (13.57%), Safrole (4.28%) and Elemicin (1.42%). Estimated to account for 20% of the oils within nutmeg (Muchtaridi, Subarnas, Apriyantono, Mustarichie, 2010), each of these molecules

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Situation Analysis before Launching a New Product in the Market

Question: Discuss about the Situation Analysis for Launch of a New Product. Answer: Introduction Situation analysis is conducted by the company manager to analyse an organisations environment which includes both internal and external to understand the capabilities of the organisation, business environment and customers. Here, a situation analysis of a new product launched by the well-known company Coca-Cola is done to understand the above-given situation of the company. The Coca-Cola company has launched Coffeelaa a beverage that has a flavour of the Coca-Cola and coffee. Further, in the report marketing analysis, SWOT analysis, Industrial analysis, etc. are taken up to get the exact picture of the product (Ran, 2010). Situation Analysis Situation Analysis is taken up by the company manager to know about the situation of the company at the present moment. This situation analysis is generally taken when there is some major decision is needed to be taken in the company. For example, in this case the Coca-Cola Company is going to launch a new product Coffeelaa. Thus, before actually launching the product the company managers has to decide the marketing criteria for the launch of the product to make it a success and this marketing criteria is determined with the help of situation analysis taken up by the company manager. The situation analysis includes various analysis and they are explained below. External Analysis The Coca-Cola companys present situation is determined here with the help of various external analyses, and they are as follows:- Industry Analysis The Coca-Cola Company stands as very reputed and well-known beverage company holding a big share in the beverage market throughout the world. It has come up with new products on various occasions to lure various targeted customers. Here, an analysis of the company present situation and an assumed future market share has been represented with the help of image given below. This analysis will help the managers of the company to ascertain the market for the new product Coffeelaa. (Iwamuro et al., 2014) Fig 1: - The current market share and the assumed market share of the products of Coca-Cola company. Source: - ( Market Analysis A company is running in profit or loss is determined by the market share and demand for the companys products amongst the customer. Here, the competitor analysis and customer analysis are done to reflect the current market situation of the company (Noorinasab and Hemati, 2012). Competitors Analysis There are many competitors of Coca-Cola Company throughout the world where PepsiCo Company is taken to be the biggest competition for the company. Here an analysis of various products and their market share is being reflected through an image given below (Wang, 2015). Fig 2: - The market share of various products of Coca-Cola Company against its competitor Source: - ( Strategic group mapping is used by the company for the purpose of showing the standing of the company against the rival firms in the market. It helps in the analysing competitive structure of the industry. A strategic group map helps the company manager to find the current standing of the company in the market including its competitors. When the company launches a new product like in this case Coffeelaa then managers will be able to ascertain the amount of focus required by the company on introducing its product. Also, if the competitors of the company also have the same kind of product then how Coffeelaa can become a success by using the companys position in the market (Berkers, 2008). It helps in identifying the main competitors and the attractive and unattractive position of the firms. As the company is introducing a new product, then it help in analysing the level and type of entry barriers a company will face (Elmore, 2013). The next image shows the strategic position of the company. Fig 3: - Strategic position of the Coco-Cola Company Source: - ( Customer Analysis Customers are the main target of any company because they are the people who are going to purchase the product and provide profit to the company. It is very significant for the company to determine what a customer need and then manufacture its product as to fulfill their demands. If the product is as per the customers demand, it will have more chances of success. If the demand has to be created amongst the customer, then the product need to be perceived in such a way that they feel that the product it an ultimate need for them. Whats an average customer demand is being presented with the help of an image given below (Cermak, 2015). Fig 4: - The consumption details of various drinks Source: - ( Microenvironment PESTLE analysis helps the managers to have a birds eye view of the positioning of the company in and around the industry. PESTLE analysis includes the political, environmental, social, technological, legal, and economic factors that help in determining the current scenario of the company (Fletcher, Frisvold and Tefft, 2011). Political- Coca-Cola is regulated under FDA as it is as it deals in non-alcoholic beverages. It is necessary for the company to follow and maintain firm standard laws set up by FDA. Coca-Cola deals throughout the world thus, it becomes very important for the company to make sure that are aware of the present political situation of the country they are selling their brand. Economic- recently the world is facing an economic downturn which has affected the economy of all the countries. This has led the companys profit towards diminishing. Therefore, it becomes necessary to determine before launching a new product that people have purchasing power or not (Foster, 2014). Social- cultures of different countries affect the choice of drink they prefer to have. Like in India people prefer non-alcoholic beverages where as in Canada alcoholic beverages are more common. Any kind of marketing done for the product is planned by keeping mind the social culture of that country. Technological- in this advance age of technology, companies are also changing their working. For example, they have included social media to advertise their new product, as this is the most interactive technology that youth of today is using. Legal- on beverage companies there are many legal implications. With such a vast business setup it becomes very important for the company to follow all the legal points that a particular country demands (Godwin and Okafor, 2012). Environmental- Environmental factors generally do not affect the Coca-Cola Company. As it is not an agro-based company. Internal Analysis The Coca-Cola companys current situation is determined here with the help of various internal analyses, and they are as follows:- Operations Operations of the company help in identifying the strength and weaknesses of the company. Operations are to be regulated in such a way that it uses all its exclusive and effective skills and bring customers for the company. The 4P framework helps the company to determine the skilled operations of the company. The 4P framework of the Coca-Cola Company is given below: - Product- The Cocoa-Cola Company has a wide range of product as per the targeted customers. It will be not wrong if said that Coca-Cola has something for everyone. Now with the new product Coffeelaa Coca-Cola will target the coffee loving customers who cannot get their favourite coffee whenever they want it (Gupta, 2011). Pricing- the price of different products of the Coca-Cola Company is different, and it depends on the demand and geographic condition of the area. Pricing is also done by keeping in mind the pricing strategy of their competitors. Place- Coca-Cola has its plant all over the world and sells its product throughout the world. The Coca-Cola Company follows the pattern of FMCG distribution as their own distribution system (Hattersley et al., 2009). Promotion- with the increasing competitors it becomes very necessary for the company to plan their promotion strategy better than the competitors. Coca-Cola, in general uses festivals or big sports events as the base of their promotion strategy. Use of celebrities also helps in promoting the brand as they help in connecting the product with the customers. Financial Analysis Financial analysis of the company is taken out to know the current financial status of the company. This analysis shows the soundness of the company. It is true that a new product launched is not necessary becomes a hit from day one. It may incur losses in the starting. It is necessary that the company should be sound enough to bear those losses. As here also the company is launching its new product Coffeelaa, so the financial situation of the company is necessary to be analysed. The financial ratio of the Coca-Cola Company of the year 2014 is given below to clear the analysis (Ihueze and Okafor, 2010). Fig 5: - Financial Analysis Ratio of the Coca-Cola Company Source: - ( The external and internal analysis of the Coca-Cola Company is going to help the managers is deciding the marketing criteria for the new product Coffeelaa that the company is launching (Kumar, Boesso and Michelon, 2014). SWOT/TOWS SWOT Analysis An analysis performed on the companys current situation to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. This analysis will help the company managers to decide the most effective skills that can be used and reduce the threats to the company. It will also provide the strengths of the company to know what can be used in the favour of the company (Osueke and Ehirim, 2008). Strength Brand Equity- Coca-Cola has a vast global presence and brand identity. Company Valuation- Coca-Cola is worlds one of the most valuable company. It is valued at 80 billion dollars. This includes assets, plants, and profit of the company across the world. Fantastic Marketing Strategies- Coca-Cola has fantastic promotion techniques which not only target youth but all the age groups. They use celebrities to promote their brand (Pollitt, 2014). Weaknesses Competition with Pepsi- Pepsi is a big competitor for Coca-Cola. If Pepsi would not be their then the whole beverage market would be of Coca-Cola Company. Diversification of products is low- Coca-Cola has restrained itself to the beverages segment only, where as its main competitor has entered in the snacks segment also. This segment is a revenue generator which helps the company to increase profit. The absence in health drinks- in the present days people are getting aware of their health. Thus, many people now prefer to have health drinks in place of carbonated beverages. This proves to be a big setback for the company (Ramanathan and Muyldermans, 2010). Opportunities Diversification- there is a number of other industry in which the company can step in to increase its revenue for example health and food. Developing Nation- Coca-Cola has a vast presence in the developed countries, but people of these countries are now slowly drifting towards health drinks. Thus, the company can now focus more on developing countries where people still prefer carbonated drinks over health drinks (Sundar, 2012). Threats Raw material sourcing- the scarcity of water is becoming a huge problem everywhere. Water is the main component of the products prepared by the Coca-Cola Company. Thus, in future getting clean and usable water will be very difficult and that will prove to be a big threat for the company. Indirect Competitors- coffee chains, health drinks, and juices are proving to be sharing the market share of the company. They are proving to be a threat for the company (Wardlaw, 2009). TOWS Threats 1. Exchange Rates in different countries 2. Large competition 3. Growing global warming problems Opportunities 1. Growing population 2. Technological advancement 3. Growing demand for healthier products Weaknesses 1. Seen as an unhealthy product 2. Low popularity in the Middle East 3. Use of fossil fuels to make bottles 1. Coca-Cola can make a healthier product which is more appealing and also help them with the threat of competition 2. The company can buy local products that may help in breaking into the Middle East market. 3. Coca-Cola can build a more sustainable bottle that doesnt use fossil fuels and is more recyclable to help with global warming. 1. Coca-Cola needs to make their product healthier so they can get a better image and also target the rising demand for healthier products. 2. A need of rise in technological advances is required so more sustainable bottle can be built. 3. In the Middle East different market could be targeted. The increasing population has provided a number of markets everywhere. Strengths 1. Large market share 2. Strong advertisement campaigns 3. Customer loyalty to the brand 1. Coca-Cola has strong customer loyalty so they can afford to increase cost of their product to tackle the different exchange rates. 2. Coca-Cola leads in advertisement campaigns. If better and smarter ways are used to advertise then competing with other brands becomes easy. 3. Coca-Cola has a large market share, because of this they are more popular than other brands and the company can make partnerships with other organisations to battle global warming. 1. The increasing population has helped in opening more markets which the company can target to increase the market share. 2. Advantage of technological advances can be taken to create better advertisements. 3. They can make a healthier product to meet the demand for healthier products which in turn will also increase their customer loyalty. Marketing Objectives SMART Objectives The smart objectives for the newly launched product Coffeelaa are; - To make Coffeelaa a known product through proper advertisement Achieve the target of selling two million unit in the first month of launch across the world Introduce it as a unique product of the known brand. Targeted customers need to be told about the product through personalised campaigning(Zhou and Wan, 2013). References Cermak, P. (2015). Customer Profitability Analysis and Customer Life Time Value Models: Portfolio Analysis.Procedia Economics and Finance, 25, pp.14-25. Iwamuro, M., Kawai, Y., Shiraha, H., Takaki, A., Okada, H. and Yamamoto, K. (2014). In Vitro Analysis of Gastric Phytobezoar Dissolubility by Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Cellulase, and Papain.Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, 48(2), pp.190-191. Noorinasab, S. and Hemati, M. (2012). A comparative Kano analysis on customer satisfaction based on customer and employment perspectives.Management Science Letters, 2(5), pp.1555-1562. Ran, S. (2010). Chinese Translation of Coca-Cola: Analysis and Enlightenment.ACH, 2(2). Wang, M. (2015). Brief Analysis of Sports Marketing Strategy Adopted by Coca-Cola Company.Asian Social Science, 11(23). Berkers, E. (2008). Tastes differ: Comparing company strategies, innovation trajectories and knowledge sources in Dutch soft drink production in the 1930s.Business History, 50(3), pp.351-367. Elmore, B. (2013). Citizen Coke: An Environmental and Political History of the Coca-Cola Company.Enterprise and Society, 14(4), pp.717-731. Fletcher, J., Frisvold, D. and Tefft, N. (2011). Are soft drink taxes an effective mechanism for reducing obesity?.J. Pol. Anal. Manage., 30(3), pp.655-662. Foster, R. (2014). Corporations as Partners: Connected Capitalism and The Coca-Cola Company.PoLAR, 37(2), pp.246-258. Godwin, H. and Okafor, C. (2012). Modified Trend and Seasonal Time Series Analysis for Operations: A Case Study of Soft Drink Production.JERA, 7, pp.63-72. Gupta, S. (2011). MIR talks to Stan Sthanunathan, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Insights, Coca-Cola Company.GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, 3(1). Hattersley, L., Irwin, M., King, L. and Allman-Farinelli, M. (2009). Determinants and patterns of soft drink consumption in young adults: a qualitative analysis.Public Health Nutr., 12(10), p.1816. Ihueze, C. and Okafor, E. (2010). Multivariate Time Series Analysis for Optimum Production Forecast: A Case Study of 7up Soft Drink Company in Nigeria.African Research Review, 4(3). Kumar, K., Boesso, G. and Michelon, G. (2014). How Do Strengths and Weaknesses in Corporate Social Performance Across Different Stakeholder Domains Affect Company Performance?.Business Strategy and the Environment, 25(4), pp.277-292. Osueke, J. and Ehirim, F. (2008). Chemical, nutritional and sensory analysis of Zobo drink (Var sabdariffa) and selected soft drinks.Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences, 2(1). Pollitt, D. (2014). Deepwater Horizon exposes BPs PR strengths and weaknesses.Human Resource Management International Digest, 22(7), pp.23-25. Ramanathan, U. and Muyldermans, L. (2010). Identifying demand factors for promotional planning and forecasting: A case of a soft drink company in the UK.International Journal of Production Economics, 128(2), pp.538-545. Sundar, D. (2012). Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Potential of Women:initiative of Coca Cola Company.GJRA, 3(8), pp.1-3. Wardlaw, B. (2009). Got Gas? Mark Thomas Belches Out the Coca-Cola Company.Monthly Review, 61(7), p.57. Zhou, Y. and Wan, X. (2013). The Bottleneck: Product Variety and Coordination Failures at A Major Soft Drink Bottling Company.Academy of Management Proceedings, 2013(1), pp.10302-10302. blogspot. (2016).blogspot. [online] Available at: -[Accessed 11 Aug. 2016]. (2016).suredividend. [online] Available at:[Accessed 11 Aug. 2016]. (2016).slideshare. [online] Available at:[Accessed 11 Aug. 2016]. (2016).research methodology. [online] Available at:[Accessed 11 Aug. 2016]. slideshare. (2016).slideshare. [online] Available at:[Accessed 11 Aug. 2016].